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File #: 22-4939    Version: Name: Public Hearing and First Reading of an Ordinance Approving a Zoning Change from PR, Pre-Development District to PD, Planned Development District for a mixed lot single-family residential development on 32.352 acres out of the James McDonald Survey, Abstra
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed
File created: 9/16/2022 In control: City Council
On agenda: 10/24/2022 Final action: 10/24/2022
Title: Ordinance - Public Hearing Continuation and Second and Final Reading Ordinance Approving a Zoning Change From PR, Pre-Development District to PD Planned Development District for a Mixed Lot Single-Family Residential Development on 32.352 Acres out of the James Mcdonald Survey, Abstract No. 997, Tarrant County, TX, Located at 1970 N Main. Kinney Family Living Trust, Owner, Pulte Group, Developer (ZC#22-007)
Sponsors: Jason Alexander, Arty Wheaton-Rodriguez
Attachments: 1. Ordinance, 2. Maps and Supporting, 3. Kinney Tract Exhibit A - Legal Description, 4. Kinney Tract Exhibit B-D - Development Plan, 5. Kinney Tract Exhibit E - Elevations, 6. Mews Exhibit


Ordinance - Public Hearing Continuation and Second and Final Reading Ordinance Approving a Zoning Change From PR, Pre-Development District to PD Planned Development District for a Mixed Lot Single-Family Residential Development on 32.352 Acres out of the James Mcdonald Survey, Abstract No. 997, Tarrant County, TX, Located at 1970 N Main.  Kinney Family Living Trust, Owner, Pulte Group, Developer (ZC#22-007)

Requested Action:

To consider the subject zoning change request.



The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on September 6, 2022, and voted 7 to 0 to approve with the condition that the developer add an 8-foot screening fence along the southern boundary of the development.



Existing Use:  Vacant

Existing Zoning:  PR, Pre-Development District


Surrounding Land Use & Zoning:                     

North:                      Woodland Estates, 2F, Two Family Residential District Zoning

South:                     Mansfield Fire Station 4, MISD Operations Facility

East:                      Vacant, PD Planned Development District for Single Family, Dolce Vita

West:                      North Main Street Right-of-Way



The requested zoning (PD, Planned Development District) is consistent with the vision and recommendations found in the Official Land Use Plan for Sub-Area 3, and the proposed development is compatible with surrounding land uses. Staff recommends approval.


Staff Analysis

The subject property consists of two (2) tracts of land located in Tarrant County totaling approximately 32.352 acres.  The developer is proposing to build a maximum of 144 detached units (resulting in a density 4.451 units/acre).  The lots will vary in width from 40 feet wide to 60 feet wide, yielding typical lot sizes of 4,400 (47%), 5,500 (24%), and 7,000 (28%) square feet.  The development team has oriented the project so that 71% of the lots are alley served.  The remaining homes along the outside of the development are front-loaded units with J-swing garages.


Overall, the neighborhood has provided various common open space areas including mews that create view corridors through the neighborhood and appropriately sized programmed civic spaces for use by the neighborhood residents.  These areas will account for a minimum of 13.5% of the overall developed area.  The larger areas include covered areas, seating, a playground, open lawns, et cetera.


It should be noted that the proposed PD, Planned Development District standards paired with this item are the initial provisions for development:


Development Plan and Standards

The applicant has provided a separate exhibit --- Exhibit B --- containing the standards for development associated with the Kinney Tract Planned Development.


There are standards for lot types, orientation of garages, architecture and anti-monotony standards, and landscaping.


As proposed, all single-family residential units shall require a minimum of two (2) off-street parking spaces to be provided within a garage.  Also, as proposed, non-alley accessed lots shall require their garages be constructed as J-swing garages, thereby minimizing the impact of garages on front facades.



The proposed standards for the Kinney Tract Planned Development include provisions concerning anti-monotony; to ensure a variety of architectural designs with appropriate detailing, materials, color, et cetera, to create a compelling streetscape structure that is unique and attractive.  The proposed standards limit building façades / floorplans that are identical or similar on a block face when they not separated by a minimum of three lots. 


Administrative standards have been provided to mandate that homebuilders submit the above diagram to illustrate compliance along a block face. 


Elevations have been provided in Exhibit E.  They illustrate significant changes in roof slope and style, building materials, porch design, et cetera.


Roof Pitches

For all lots, pitched roofs will be provided with a minimum angle of 6:12. 


Building Materials

The exterior finish on building elevations shall be limited to any combination of brick, stone, cementitious fiber board and stucco.  Stucco may only be used as an accent (no more than 10 percent) exterior finish on type A lots.  Also, wood may only be used as an accent exterior finish material on type B, C, D, E, F, and G Lots.


Design Standards

All residential units on alley-served lots shall have a porch or a stoop attached on the principal building façade.  Porch dimensions are identified in the PD, Planned Development District standards and require a minimum depth of six feet and contain a minimum of 60 square feet (exclusive of space dedicated to an entryway).


Architectural prescriptions for corner lots have been provided as part of Exhibit C-2.  The exhibit identifies key corner lots and requires those identified to have a front and side porch and/or a porch that wraps from the front to the side.  These lots have been identified as they are at main street intersections or along a roadway or greenspace.




The Official Land Use Plan identifies opportunities for medium and higher density projects, where appropriate, as infill projects.  This creates an opportunity within Sub-Area 3 for a development proposal such as the Kenney Tract Planned Development as the area has direct and major connections to Downtown core and other major destinations.  Specifically, the plan states that the target should be over 5 units per acre.  This development is at 4.451 units per acres but when removing the common green spaces (approximately 6 acres) from residential density calculations, the net site density is approximately to 5.5 units per acre.


Consistent with that vision, this development provides design characteristics which substantially align with aesthetic priorities and initiatives seen in traditional neighborhood developments (i.e., Starlin Ranch). It also follows the recommendations and direction provided for residential projects pursuant to the Official Land Use Plan.  The developer has collaborated with staff on numerous edits and enhancements to their original plan for this site in order to provide a product that creates both a strong sense of place and provides unique housing options for Mansfield.


Prepared By

Arty Wheaton-Rodriguez

Assistant Director of Planning

(817) 276-4245